My Website’s Wild Weirdness

August 19th, 2014


For the last couple of days my website has gone a little nuts.  I don’t know if it’s my new computer, my new anti-virus application, Time/Warner cable, WordPress or what – but this has happened before and then it’s gone away. Whatever it is.

Stay tuned.  I’ll throw up my horseshit daily and hope it sticks.  I will never dump this blog without a major announcement or my unexpected death.

Peeping Tom Alien Caught On Tape!

August 19th, 2014

This poor “believer” has never heard of masks – or religion.

Legal Aliens From Other Planets:

Steve B. Nutzs

August 19th, 2014



Steve Ballmer, former chief mucky-muck at Microsoft, bought the LA Clippers for over  $2-Billion dollars.  He’s expected to bring his level of over-the-top enthusiasm to the games.  I remember him from business when this clip was taped.  He’s very entertaining – for about 15-seconds.


Society For Cutting Up Men (SCUM)

August 19th, 2014

SCUM was a radical, man-hating, feminist group started in 1968. There’s still some question if it was real, really political, or just really funny.  It’s Manifesto argues that men have ruined the world and that women should take over society once they’ve eliminated the guys.  Of course they would have to save their sperm which, to me, kind of defeats the purpose.  “Keep-them-in-their-place” males have actually used SCUM quotes in their arguments as representative of feminists!  Who’s crazier in that mix?

From WikiPedia: “the SCUM Manifesto generated a range of reactions, including that it was utopian, feminist, pre-feminist, crusading, embarrassing, irreverent, funny, outrageous, and satiric but not a put-on.” My favorite part is that men are so obsessed with sex, “they’d cross a river of snot and vomit if there was a friendly pussy on the other side.”  Of course that’s true but euuuu……….

SCUM’s founder, Valerie Solanus, had some sort of creative dispute with that symbol of hunky male meat: Andy Warhol.  She ended the discussion by shooting him.  He lived – she got 3-years – and life went on.  Over the years there have been movies, books, and even a rock group based on the organization – you can find them all on Google if you have nothing better to do.

To read as much SCUM as you can, click here.

Good Girls Don’t Fuck On The First Date

August 18th, 2014

old laugher

How many dates before sex?

Electronic Love

August 18th, 2014

Dear Ms. Honeydipcherrysuckle,

I saw your photo on Facebook and thought I ‘d write. You are one good looking woman! I don’t have my picture up yet because I’m waiting for my newest ones from a photographer because I’m a male model (but ALL man!)  I’m 6-feet tall and weigh 185-pounds.  My interests are running, weightlifting, and tennis.

I’m looking for an honest, sincere, 1-man woman to share my life with.  I’m rich.

Please write,


Dear IronNuts,

I’m sorry I’m late in responding.  I’m a fashion model and the shoot ran overtime.  Honesty is my number one priority so I’ll be honest with you.  That picture you saw of me was not really me.  It was my older sister and although she is pretty,  everyone says I’m much prettier and have a better body.  The family resemblance is strong however.

When can we meet?  It doesn’t have to be here – maybe we could meet at your place?  I have this great psychic bond with you already.  It’s almost like we’re two peas in a pod! And I love to shuck pods (if you know what I mean).  Write back soon!


(PS  I’m not sending my picture yet because I want to send you the ones taken today.  They’re nudes so I hope you don’t get offended – he, he.)

Dating for fat people:

Sam Cooke Wasn’t Much Of A Boxer Either

August 17th, 2014

WBC To Picket Robin William’s Funeral

August 17th, 2014



Members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, The “Clowns of Christianity,” have announced plans to picket the funeral of the late actor/comedian Robin Williams.  The Kansas-based Church is best known for picketing the funerals of American servicemen because the military now admits gay people.  Westboro Baptist Church’s website is

With a tweet on their Twitter page, WBC called the funeral a “carcass worship fest,” and featured a sign reading “Robin in Hell.” They also mocked the fact Williams committed suicide.

Reverend Fred Phelps, a notoriously swishy and closeted homosexual, died last March at 84. He was a founder of the Church and a leading member of NAMBLA, a pedophile and pederasty advocacy organization in the United States.


I don’t know how to Twitter but I encourage readers to send this post on it or send it to the Church’s website: – to show the Church all the respect it deserves.

Read more here:

The Gentle Giant’s Strong-Armed Robbery

August 16th, 2014

Except in extraordinary cases, no one can legally justify a murder in America without a trial, a guilty verdict, and appeals.  Stealing cigars and roughing up a store clerk – about which the cop who fired his gun probably did not know – has little to do with the shooting of Mike Brown.  I’ll wait for the investigation and possible trial to decide if it was justified - just like I did in the case of Trayvon Martin.

BUT the hysterical SPIN put out by Brown’s friends and neighbors was nothing but fodder and lies for the media.

“He was a kind, loving guy.”

“Wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“He was just a ‘gentle giant’.”


This video – which no one denies is Brown – clearly shows that at least in this instance, the “gentle giant” was an arrogant, bullying, robber.  He was shot and killed minutes later.

People must be vigilant in knowing that EVERY source of news (including this one) gushes bias.  You will never get the straight truth from one source.

‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ (1977) Title Song

August 16th, 2014