Do Muslim Women Nudists Cover Their Hair?

November 27th, 2015

Muslim Woman with Veiled Hair and Face

Muslim nudists:


Human Rodeos

November 27th, 2015


Human Rodeos:

Brawl Mart Greed Feed

November 27th, 2015
                                                                                                                                     At least they didn’t bring guns … oh, wait…

Pushing. Shouting. Shootings. Stompings. Pepper Spraying. Shop Lifting. Stun-Guns. Screams. Accidents and Arrests.  Welcome to the madness of Thanksgiving shopping on Black Friday! I think it’s funny as hell.

“Oooooh,” whine traditionalists, “think of those poor kids having to work on the holiday!”  Horseshit.  I hate disingenuous arguments.  Their real snivel is that making grubby bucks is more important to most kids than sitting around in a pretend Norman Rockwell-turkey-painting sulking in front of dull relatives.  And the hordes of those nitwits glutinous for excessive material things are having the time of their lives!

When Black Friday turns into Black and Blue Friday, it’s very entertaining for the rest of us.  Can we talk about a nationwide pay-for-view television extravaganza next year?  I’m in!

Black Friday Best Buys 2015:

‘Captain America: Civil War’ (2015) Trailer

November 27th, 2015

‘Captain America: Civil War’


Is Dumb-Blonde Redundant?

November 27th, 2015


Dumb blonde sterotypes:


‘Cock Sock’ Bags It

November 27th, 2015

Condom nicknames:

Tina Turner Had Her 76th BD Yesterday

November 27th, 2015

Tina Turner:


Remember That Little Asshole In School Who …

November 26th, 2015

…mocked the disabled kids?  Now he’s running for President. If he gets elected, will he fill his inaugural address with fart jokes?

Don Trump jokes:

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Thanksgiving Dawn

November 26th, 2015


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Thanksgiving Is Just Black Friday Eve

November 26th, 2015

In the late 1960s I marched in ‘Civil Rights’ demonstrations. For one week I even lived with a Black family in the inner city on an exchange program.  I was proud when a national holiday was dedicated to Martin Luther King and contributed to his Washington memorial. I tolerate Kwanzaa about as much as I do the other ethnic heritage holidays like Saint Patrick’s Day and Cinque de Mayo.

But enough’s enough.

Everywhere I turn, I see Black Friday. Black Friday! BLACK FRIDAY!

Many people get the day off from work.  Stores are having huge sales to celebrate.  It’s in the news and on the talk shows.  And now, somehow, this day is even creeping into another holiday, Thanksgiving.  C’mon!

Hey,  Black people: You want another holiday?  Take Columbus Day – Italians don’t care.  Or Arbor Day.  That one’s a little shaky since Earth Day greened all over it.  You can’t have Christmas or Easter because the churches would go out of business.  How about May 27th – Jefferson Davis’ Birthday? That should piss off some people in Mississippi.

But try to grab one that doesn’t crowd another holiday.  Mix it up a bit.  We like to suffer these events one little misery at a time.

Best buys today: