Mitt Romney 2nd In The Unemployment Line

May 28th, 2016


This Ball-less Twit …

May 28th, 2016


… chickened out from his windbag challenge for a debate with Bernie Sanders. He would have been shucked like an ear of corn.


Bernie asked, “What are you afraid of Mr. trump?”  I’ll be happy to answer: his ridiculous positions, stupid ideas, racist and sexist comments, paranoid conspiracy theories, and a bad hair day.  Bullies always back down when you stand up to them and donnie j. just turned tail and ran.  (Am I being too wishy-washy on this nitwit?)

People are working on my blog’s tech problems.  If this post stays up, I promise 5-more tomorrow.  You can bet your PHP-MySQL!


May 27th, 2016


One of the technical companies which supports this blog told me I was old-fashioned; specifically: “The versions of PHP and My SQL ‘Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion’ uses are out of date. Everyone else is using later technologies.” 

I have no idea what they’re talking about but it sounds like I’m walking around in a Nehru suit with bellbottoms. Anyway, we’re trying to upgrade now and more posts will appear within a day or two.


Well Then Put The Girls Away, Bimbo

May 27th, 2016


She didn’t dress like this to go unnoticed!

A trend in women’s fashion is showing cleavage.  I think that’s fine (especially in summer) but women would be naïve to think that’s not going to get a guy’s ogling reaction.

I also believe a lot has to do with timing.  If a guy “checks them out” in less than a second and then looks into your eyes for the rest of the conversation, he should not be considered a knuckle-dragger. Of course if he talks TO your breasts the whole time, he’s not one of our more evolved brothers.  

SHOULD women be able to wear anything they want without worrying about men’s reactions?  Of course.  And you SHOULD be able to park your new convertible with the keys in the ignition on a city street.  Just don’t expect it to be there when you get back.

Staring at womens’ breasts:


The ‘j’ Stands For Joke

May 26th, 2016



Oh – I didn’t mean THAT – I meant not capitalizing his name is a joke.

Cat Jazz

May 26th, 2016




The Death Of Elvis – ‘My Way’

May 26th, 2016




The Death of Elvis (Google):


Drowning In The Gene Pool

May 26th, 2016
"Get back you little bastards!"

                                “Get back you little bastards!”

I will spare you the unhappy details but yesterday I was kind of forced into a conversation with a few of the guys from my building. This all-male talk fest was rolling and the subject of children came up.

Right away I could tell this just wasn’t going to be my lucky day. I mean I really don’t mind kids – if they’re somebody else’s’ – and live somewhere else – and I’m not there. But I’m proud of the fact that I was one of the first men in my county to have a vasectomy before having children – over 30-years ago. Of course this conversation was not about NOT having children – it was all about the DUTY of having them. Uh-oh.

The least evolved of the group spoke loudest; it seems he has a “need to breed”.

“I gotta have a son to carry on my Family Line.”

Now the only “line” with which I would associate this guy and his family is the line at the Department of Social Services where he would need help filling out the application. If all of this guy’s offspring mutated into plants and vegetables, our gene pool would be a nicer place in which to swim. Of course I didn’t say all this – but I thought it.

Does it hurt to have a vasectomy?

YAAAY!!! Melania For First Lady!

May 25th, 2016


Here the presumptive First Lady to-be demonstrates her deeply-held passion to protect endangered, inflatable dolphins.

Better Not Eat The Wedding Cake

May 25th, 2016

“I love Michelle. I have never met anyone like her,” said Isakin Jonsson, about his bride-to-be, Michelle Gustafsson.  That’s probably good for the rest of us since his pierced fiancé, who goes by the name “Vampire Woman,” murdered a man in 2010 and drank his blood.

Jonsson, nicknamed the ‘Skara Cannibal’, is no angel either.  In 2011, he was convicted of stabbing his girlfriend to death, cutting off her head and then eating parts of her body.

The Swedish killers found love in a high security institution for the criminally insane.  Although it’s doubtful the lovers will ever leave their romantic hideaway, they would like to settle down in the outside world.

“We want to live together, keep dogs and spend time on our hobbies, piercing and tattoos,” Gustafsson said.

Although most people would say they have a few screws loose, the couple would contend the only loose screws are on the two-dozen piercings they share.

More romantic pictures: